medical plants

Some plants can be a great help to get rid of cigarettes. All these plants are supporting the elimination of nicotine from the body. Reduce withdrawal symptoms Lobelia is a plant species native to the United States, which helps to overcome feelings of withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting cigarettes first few weeks. You will not Read More →

blood pressure

Blood pressure is one of the most important biological properties of the human body constant. A normal amount of blood means a healthy and avoids cardiovascular problems. High blood pressure is the first cause of strokes, kidney problems and one of the main causes that hurt us and we shortens life. Some simple things can Read More →

bad habits

Smoking is considered one of the worst habits. Aces find it is neither the worst nor the worst single attack you commit your health. Find out the worst habits, all able to seriously affect your health, causing serious illness, expensive, incurable or difficult to cure. Sit more than 10 hours on chair. Even if you Read More →


Summer and holidays are already memories. The appearance of body hair have etched their memories of the warm season, but not the most pleasant. Tan begins to fade, the skin is rough and peeling, the skin has lost its tone and rebel hair is quite dry and dull. There are many products that help remedy Read More →


As a liana, climbing tenaciously to prop and even if you change its position, still finds. Hops is a resistant plant, a relative good with hemp that produce marijuana, best known for beer. Hops grow almost everywhere in Europe and Asia, and because of its qualities and culinary curative, has been cultivated since the middle Read More →


Moodiness, feeling exhaustion, lack of mood tend to isolate yourself from others, they are all due to the low energy and life force. To change your mood and be back in shape, you should know how to recharge your batteries. It is scientifically proven that we are more than flesh, bone and blood. Body as Read More →


The salad is more than pickled vegetables floating in juice! We do not just know this but prepare a version in our kitchen! A variation of vegetables, the cavalcade of spices, prepared sauces, dressings the diversity is a guarantee that there is really a big variety of salad you can make. Before anyone would think, Read More →


Long life to expect, who has in the blood many of the beneficial cholesterol… If we talk about cholesterol, in general, we are thinking about “bad” LDL cholesterol leading to arteriosclerosis, heart attacks, but there is the opposite effect, “good” HDL cholesterol, which recent research indicates that high concentrations at very old age is found Read More →

Five foods

Spinach, eggs, juniper berries, apples and pumpkins are in the five-star recommended for daily consumption in some form according by some nutrition specialists. The five foods Healthy eating drew attention that spinach is the “secret weapon” against osteoporosis and reduces cholesterol. Spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals: iron, manganese and potassium. Easiest way to Read More →