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Can you make money writing simple articles about things that interest you? Yes! Just use the lessons in You Can Make Money Writing. The book was $17, but now it's free, right here on the site. See the links below...

Now we have every lesson here, including Lesson 21, Making Money Without a Website. You no longer need to subscribe to our newsletter to get this fascinating chapter.

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Look over the list of lessons below and start where you like, or begin with the introduction and follow the links at the bottom of each page to read the book straight through.

0 - Free Online Writing Course: The introduction, with a bit of my story.
1 - Making Money With Articles: The basic of how it works.
=> Make Articles Into Money
=> Build a Good Website
2 - Why Online Writing Is Different: You need to understand this.
3 - An Easy Way to Write an Article: Anyone can do this.
4 - The Best Article Directories: How to find them, and what they give you.
=> Some Good Article Directories
5 - Keywords: Why they are still crucial to your success.
=> Best Keyword Research Tools
=> Keyword Optimization Process
=> Keyword Demand
=> How to Do Keyword Research
6 - Article Titles: How long and what they should say.
=> More Tips for Good Article Titles
7 - Article Descriptions: How to make them sell the article.
8 - Writing Online Articles: A basic outline for doing it right.
=> Article Keywords and More
9 - About the Author Examples: What to put in that resource box.
=> The Resource Box
=> Article Links
=> Making Links
10 - Strategic Linking Strategies: Some better ways to link to your site.
=> Page Names and Other Factors
=> Where to Link To
11 - Writing for Readers and Webmasters: Why both have to be considered.
=> Writing for Websites
12 - How to Submit Articles: The basics of using article directories.
=> Article Submission Guidelines
=> How to Submit Articles Fast
=> Submitting Articles Efficiently
13 - Article Submission Software and Other Tools: Are they worth the trouble?
=> Article Writing Software
14 - Where to Submit Your Articles: Directories and other places...
=> More Places to Submit Article
15 - More Ways to Make Money With Articles: Beyond website promotion...
16 - How to Get Ideas for Articles: It's not as tough as you might think.
=> Topics for Articles
17 - Rewriting Articles: How to do the right way and stay out of trouble.
=> More on How to Rewrite Articles
18 - Online Writing Tips: How to get those articles found and read through.
=> More Tips for Writing
=> Still More Tips for Writing Articles
=> Hypnotic Writing Techniques
19 - Copyright Violations: How to find them; what to do about them.
=> More About Your Copyright
=> What to Do About Copyright Violators
20 - Write for Money: How to do it, with a few new ideas...
=> Drop Shipping
=> Sell eBooks
=> Sell Your Own Services
21 - Make Money Without a Website - Several ways are detailed.
=> Article-Based Affiliate Sales
=> Sell Your Articles
=> Free Blogs and Free Ebooks
22 - Using Articles Written by Others: The why and how of the matter.
=> How to Use Articles
=> Free Content for Websites
=> More Ways to Use Free Content
23 - Article Directory List: Where to submit your articles.

The lessons walk you through the process step-by-step. Article marketing isn't for everyone, and the writing part scares some people - until they learn there really are types of articles which almost anyone can write. But just in case, I also cover how to use other people's free articles to generate traffic. The lessons also touch on other ways to make money writing and make money on the internet.

Newest Pages

Internet Article Marketing - Does it still work? Here's some evidence.
Elance Review - Or How to Get That First Job on Elance...
Simple Way to Make Money Online - Write and let the income begin--but it's not that easy.
How to Write Profitable Articles Online - It isn't about selling them...
How to Produce Content Efficiently - Some suggestions.
How to Make Email Newsletters - The basics and a look at autoresponder series.
What Are Autoresponders? - Part two of the above.
Beyond Duplicate Content - What to do to avoid penalties for duplication and repetition.
Nine Guidelines for Writing Articles - The list here is based on my experience.
How to Write The Best Articles - Valuable tips, starting with a definition of "best."

The lessons are great. - Don

I must tell you that your article writing course is the best one I've ever read. You spell everything out, step-by-step... - Lyn C

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This Month's Tip

Say Something New

It is fine to have the same advice as others, but have something new as well. For example, if your article is "Six Tips Cleaning Carpet Stains," you need the usual, like trying water, cleaning a spill before it dries, etc. But have at least one lesser-known tip, like using a fan to dry a cleaned-up spot quickly so the stain deeper down doesn't have time to wick up to the surface. Strive to have some information you can reasonably assume most people haven't heard. This makes you the expert, and encourages the reader to look to your site for more.

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I'm writing you this letter from Ethiopia... I'm enjoying your course it is really helpful I'm glad I subscribed it one of my best choices. - Sarah

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